KHDT Finance Company (P) Ltd.


KHDT is a non-banking financial services company based in Pune, Maharashtra and offering financial assistance to individuals. We offer customized and hassle free loans at low interest rates to help meet your financial needs. Our two main products are gold loan and home loan.

KHDT’s focus is to build a customer centric and high quality service driven company that makes loan processing and disbursement easy and friendly. We want to be your guide to help you build a future of financial security. And to achieve this, KHDT has developed a criteria based marker system which is efficient and effective in evaluating different people on their varied financial requirements.

As a leading and trusted gold loan company, KHDT provides instant loan against gold ornaments and jewellery and loan to assist you with buying your dream home. In future, KHDT aims to be able to serve other niche financial requirements of individuals which haven’t been touched so far.


KHDT’s mission is to become the premier financial service organization that works for money requirements of people. KHDT, through comprehensive research and well thought out and verifiable marker criteria will be able to identify target market. By offering the highest level of services, KHDT will succeed as a company as well as have a positive impact on our environment.


To become the premier financial institute.

Attract more people to avail benefit of gold loan facility and future plans such as Forex, Housing loan, Currency Exchange.

Key To Success

Develop a workable, accurate set of environmental markers for a wide range of environmental impacts a company faces.

Target oriented products and services

Price the service so that there is a good profit margin while remaining competitive.


KHDT is a financial service company that offers gold loan. In addition to solid financial performance criteria, KHDT has developed a set of services to attract more and more customers.

KHDT has developed a comprehensive set of services for which a individual and their Financial capacity can be evaluated.

The following services can be offered:

Forex     |     Gold Loan     |     Housing Loan     |     Vehicle Loan     |     Currency Exchange Etc.